Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Collaging With Wood

Tuesday night, time for another collage class.  I'm not even sure I'll go tonight, I'm finding it increasingly harder each week to get excited about this class.  My friend Marilyn had surgery yesterday (I am sending her best wishes and good thoughts, not as serious as my friend Heather's surgery last week but any surgery is a risky proposition, especially as we get older, and I do hope it all went well), so she won't be there to keep me company, which also makes the thought of going less appealing.  I like my fellow students and the teacher herself is a nice enough person but she still isn't "teaching" us anything.  Okay, that's not quite true.  Last week, she showed people how to use the jigsaw so they could cut shapes out of wood.  But otherwise, she gets all the supplies out for us each week and basically just says, "okay, here's a bunch of stuff to make (insert weekly project idea here), go to it".  Heck, anybody could do that.  It's what I do every time I sit down with my craft or bead supplies, I just ask myself, what do I want to make today?  Somehow, I thought this class would be different, and to be fair, perhaps it is my own preconceived notions and/or expectations compared to the reality that is causing my disappointment but still, it's hard to be motivated to go each week.  I'm actually glad the class is over in a couple of weeks!  How sad is that?

Here's the collage I made last week from a bunch of painted pieces of wood of various shapes and sizes:

Everyone in class said they quite liked it but I think they were just being kind and/or polite. It seems incredibly ordinary and boring to me.  It needs something, it doesn't seem like I'm finished with it yet.

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Roberta Warshaw said...

I like it. But I hear you. Not all classes are as exciting as we anticipate. I always look forward to mine and when one isn't up to snuff it can be a huge disappointment. I always try to research my teacher first but sometimes it is a crap shoot.