Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Walk on the Beach

I had a chance to take a walk on one of the beaches at Fort Worden while I was there for Journalfest. This one overlooks Admiralty Inlet and is such a pretty spot. It was late afternoon, just before 6 p.m., with the sun already down low enough to be blocked by the ridge above me.  As you can see from this shot of the cliffs:

the beach is quite a bit lower down than where the buildings were located. In fact, here's a picture of the stairs I climbed to get back up to where I needed to be, I counted about 98 steps.

Initially, there were other people (and their dogs) on the beach with me.  I like this picture of a couple walking towards the wharf, it seems rather romantic to me, especially in sepia tones.

Ultimately, I was alone on the beach, which was pleasant and slightly worrisome at the same time - especially after I saw this sign as I began my walk:

But I lived to tell the tale and I'm really pleased with some of the photos I took, especially this one of a couple of trees on the ridge above me.

There were lots of jellyfish washed up in the surf, they were a beautiful aubergine colour. Having been raised inland on the shores of freshwater lakes, I don't know much about jellyfish except that you don't want to get stung by one and they are to be avoided, so I gave them a wide berth.

Of course, I was beachcombing as I went, filling my pockets with shells and rocks as I always do. I found these 2 heart-shaped stones, which I've heard people collect (most recently, my friend Dawn from the France trip) but I had never seen any on my travels before. I gave one to Heather and kept one for myself.

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