Saturday, November 6, 2010


One week ago tonight, I was spending my Saturday night at the Masquerade party at Journalfest.  We were all supposed to make a mask and wear it to the festivities but several people took that a step further and came in full costume.  I bought a mask, which turned out to be impossible to put on over top of my glasses, but everyone loved my Hallowe'en themed t-shirt, which I accessorized with a black and orange feather boa.  You can see my shirt and a little bit of that boa in this photo of Heather, Irene and myself:

Here is a collage of some of the amazing masks people had made:

Everyone brought their journals to the party and we sat around at tables working on our pages while listening to the music of the Seattle band Surrealized (here's their website).  They were awesome!  I would describe their music as techno-funk but they call it "electro-space rock" on their Facebook page, so what do I know? :)

Here's a picture of Robert and Kimo looking totally normal, doing their sound check:

and then later, they performed in costume:

(It's not every man that can wear a tutu and look good doing it, but Kimo was able to carry it off without a problem, while playing a trumpet, a banjo and various other miscellaneous musical instruments.)

It was a great party, lots of laughter and chit chat, dancing, candy, fun and frivolity, as you can see from this photo of Jenna, Sharon and Heather.

Of course, there were some spooky moments as well, such as when I took this photo of the lights reflected in the window - doesn't it look like a pair of scary eyes peeking in at us??

Wendy Lee was the "journal prompt bunny", carrying a jar full of writing ideas for us to choose from:

The one I got read, "what is one small step you could take for your emotional health today? Are you willing to do it?"  I figured I had already taken a big step for my mental well-being by attending Journalfest and treating myself to such a fun learning experience!!

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