Monday, November 15, 2010

My Journalfest Journal

I started out with a Moleskin brand sketchbook, the 5 x 8.25 inch size with the periwinkle blue wrapper (heavy paper that you can paint on).

I told myself that I would only take one journal with me to Port Townsend.  After all, it was only going to be for 3 days, plus 2 travel days, and I would be making a separate book in one of my 3 classes.  Surely one journal would be enough?!  I had reason to doubt my decision a few times during those 5 days (especially at the start of day 2, when several people admitted at the start of class that they had brought 3 or 4 different journals with them, until the teacher helped them to pick just one to work in that day) but overall, I knew I had made the right decision.  I really like the size, the portability, the fact that I can work in any medium without worrying if the page will handle the choice of layers and/or the liquids I might choose to work with.

When I came home, the book was just starting to fill up. 

It was starting to get a little messy. I had worked with paint on several pages during class and some of that paint had smudged onto other pages.  For someone who normally works "too neat", I was kind of liking that "messiness"! 

Some of my pages from Diana Trout's "Journal Spilling" class were what I think of as my usual colours - bright, happy tones:

While others. like this one from Juliana Coles' "Soulfood" class, were much darker (which was a surprise for me), perhaps more as a result of the colour of paint I used rather than a mood that I was trying to portray, but maybe not:

Now, the journal itself is almost 6 inches wide after all the goodies have been added inside - thank goodness it comes with an elastic to hold it shut!

Stay tuned, more glimpses inside my journal to come in future posts!

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