Tuesday, November 30, 2010

49 and Counting

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I had been feeling rather reflective as this birthday approached.  The main thing that keeps twirling about in my brain is the idea that I will be turning 50 in just 363 days.  I decided to make some resolutions around this day, rather than wait until January 1st. Only "resolution" sounds too formal and intimidating, so instead I'm blowing out my birthday candles and making these birthday wishes:

1) I wish to be fit at 50.  I have no plans to run a marathon - I'm a walker, not a runner - but I do have a couple of friends that keep telling me I should do the 60 km Walk for Cancer with them (hi Colleen!). Not sure my back would ever be ready for that, but that doesn't mean I can't get off my butt and start moving more than I do now.  That also means eating healthier, which combined with exercising more hopefully leads to losing weight - ideally, 50 lbs. but we'll see how that goes.  They say losing a pound a week is a healthy amount, so that seems like it might be a worthy goal to set. Although it might have to wait until the birthday celebrations are actually over...being taken out for celebratory lunches and dinners plays havoc with the calorie counting!

2) I wish to go somewhere special to celebrate my 50th birthday.  At the moment, I'm thinking I might like to spend it in Paris, although a trip back to Australia also seems like a good way to treat myself.  I will set money aside each pay cheque for this special trip, whatever it might be.  The actual location can be determined later.

3)  I wish to eliminate most, if not all, of my credit card debt by the time I turn 50.  That means putting together a budget and sticking to it.  Unfortunately, within mere hours of writing that sentence when drafting this post earlier today, I got an email that might throw a wrench into this particular plan but we'll see how it goes.  It may delay my plans but it won't derail them.  All I can do is make the effort and see what happens.  It may take more time than I would like but the important thing is to make a start.

4)  I wish to be free of clutter in my apartment by this date next year.  There are still one or two unopened boxes hanging around in my closet from when I moved 2 years ago, lots of stuff I'm not using and probably never will use hanging about in various cupboards and corners, files in my filing cabinet that could do with a good cleaning out, etc. A lot of this I hope to do over the winter, while I hibernate indoors.

5)  I wish to be in love with someone who is in love with me when I turn 50.  This seems like it will be the hardest goal to reach.  Having been single all my life, I can only imagine what it would be like to be part of a couple, let alone to have an actual committed relationship with a man - even the concept of dating one on a regular basis seems like a major stretch.  Nevertheless, I'd certainly like the chance to experience it!  I think it's time, don't you??

I am hoping that by putting these wishes out into the blogosphere and the universe in general, it will help to make me accountable for taking the necessary steps to achieve these goals as well as help to create the positive energy necessary to help make these wishes become my reality.  So here goes, 5 wishes, 52 weeks and counting...wish me luck!


Sharon said...

Good luck Cynthia. I'm sure it will all happen for you. Putting it out on the Ether was a good step to make it all happen.

kate mckinnon said...

I agree that stating your intentions is a very powerful thing.

I wish you great success!