Monday, November 8, 2010

Sending Love to Heather

My friend Heather is having back surgery today, having some disks in her back fused together, so I'm thinking of her today and wishing her well.  No doubt, it will be a rather awkward, painful recovery in the beginning stages and I feel bad about that for her sake, but ultimately, it should either lessen the pain she has lived with every day since being thrown from a horse a few years ago or eliminate it all together, which should be worth this initial discomfort.  Short term pain for long term gain, as they say.

Irene took this picture of Heather and I together at Journalfest last week - isn't it great?

Thinking of you, Heather, and sending you lots of love! xo

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Unknown said...

Sending warm healing hugs to your friend, Heather, as well! Having vertebrae fused - been there, done that, got the Tshirt!!
I hope she has a wonderful result from the surgery and is pain free... just remember to keep on top of the exercises the PT gives you Heather after your recovery weeks!!