Tuesday, November 9, 2010

There Was This Cat...

at Fort Worden.  A beautiful cat, with big blue eyes and Siamese colouring but very thick, fluffy fur, the kind of coat a cat gets when it lives outside and winter is coming.  And the most incredible ringed tail!  I first saw him/her in the parking lot by the Schoolhouse, he was walking around the parked cars.  I wondered if he was a stray, but he came to say hello easily enough and his coat was in such good condition, I figured someone had to be taking care of him.

The next time I saw him was late at night, and he was perched on top of this cherry picker truck.

I thought maybe he was stuck and couldn't get down but Heather said no, he was just playing around and having fun.  Sure enough, he was scampering about on the highest part, dashing back and forth, showing off for us. Then he jumped down and came over to be petted.  Silly daredevil cat.

The third time I saw him, we were walking home from the Masquerade party. It was late and dark but he came right over, as if to say, there you are, I've been waiting for you.  He tried to climb into my big shopping bag when I put it down on the ground to take his picture.  He let me pick him up and give him a cuddle, while he purred away.

The morning we were leaving, he was there again.  A woman opened her car door to load stuff in and he jumped on top of her car and tried to climb inside.  Obviously, a very adventurous puss!

If I had brought a cat carrier, I would have tried to bring him home with me.  I think he would have made a wonderful friend for Max.  But of course, that would not be practical - trying to bring an anonymous cat over the border.  Nor would it be fair to whomever is loving this cat there at Fort Worden.  But he sure was beautiful.

I never did find out to whom he belonged, or what was his name but I shall remember him fondly all the same.

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