Sunday, November 14, 2010


Since I've been home from Journalfest, I've noticed something odd.  As much as I want to work on my journal - and I really do, I dream about making pages, I wake up with all sorts of ideas, I keep making piles of bits of paper and photos that I want to put in my book - for some reason, I seem to procrastinate about actually working on the book and it takes me a while to actually sit down and start working on it.

In the past two weekends, when I've had no other plans, nothing scheduled, nothing to keep me from working on my journal, here are some of the things I did to postpone starting:

1.  clean the bathroom
2.  write a blog post (like this one!)
3.  check emails
4.  watch TV
5.  read blogs online
6.  balance my chequebook
7.  phone somebody
8.  go grocery shopping
9.  make lunch/dinner
10.  eat lunch/dinner
11.  take a nap
12.  read a book
13.  change the bedding
14.  do laundry
15. unpack my suitcase

It's almost as if I feel I can't just sit down and have fun making whatever it is, whether it is putting together an art journal or making jewellery, until I've "earned the time".  As if I have to do some chores first to give myself permission to enjoy myself.  What's up with that??  I really need to get over that!

Nevertheless, I have persevered and my Journalfest book is just about done.  I only have 2 or 3 blank pages left at the very back right now. 

Irene has asked me to post some of my journal pages and I'll do more of that in upcoming blogs. For now, here's one spread that I'm excited about.  It's from the night of the Masquerade party.  Rob from Surrealized gave me one of their CD's. I made a copy of the holder and glued it into my book, then copied the CD artwork, cut it out and slipped it into the envelope on the journal page (you just see it peeking out in the photo). 

On the flip side of the paper CD, I glued this photo I found of a girl singing into a wooden spoon microphone (which one of us didn't do that as a kid? Keep your hand up if you still do it!!).

I was pretty excited to find this photo on the back of a flyer that arrived in the mail one day last week, it suits my journal page perfectly!!

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