Monday, November 1, 2010

Home From Journalfest

I had SUCH a good time at Journalfest. I'm not sure if I'll be able to adequately describe how wonderful it all was but I'm certainly going to try over the next few posts.  There were so many incredible moments.  The organizers, Teesha and Tracy Moore, were the sweetest couple and did such a fabulous job putting this event together.  Their family and staff were so helpful and friendly.  The accommodations were not fancy (we stayed in the dormitory, enough said), but they were clean and perfectly adequate. The teachers were amazing, very talented, generous and kind. The food was amazing and the people serving it were great.  The best part was the amazing group of people I met.  They were all so fun and nice and, especially, talented.  It's almost intimidating to be near people that good at what they do, it makes you feel like you're the one drawing stick figures with crayons sitting beside them.  But in spite of that, it's so much fun to hang out with people who have similar interests and get what you're into.  The worst part about the whole thing? Having to leave to come home!

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