Sunday, August 23, 2009

Something is on the way

The question is, is it snow or is it babies??

I know, it's still August and we've just had two whole weeks of super hot weather so I shouldn't even be mentioning the "w" word, but we had a visitor at the cottage today - a cute little red squirrel who was busy removing the soft cotton lining from our BBQ cover and carrying it off to her nest. We were sitting in the dining room playing Yahtzee near the screen door, when my sister heard this chewing noise (how she heard it over the clatter of 5 rolling dice on a wooden table, I don't know!). She went outside to investigate and the squirrel ran up the nearest tree but stopped to chatter at us with the white fluff still in her mouth. No doubt, she didn't want to show us where she was headed.

But what does it mean?? Is she getting ready for a new litter of baby squirrels or is she getting ready for an early winter??? I certainly hope it is the former, as the ever-informative Internet tells me that red squirrels have two breeding seasons per year, March to May and July to September.

I am praying it doesn't mean an early winter, we've just barely had a taste of summer. I know I'm not the only one hoping for a long, warm fall season.

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