Monday, August 17, 2009

The Beat Goes On...

Kate McKinnon's Soul Cleaning Sale continues this week. I was up at the cottage for the weekend - two fabulously hot, sunny days - summer has finally arrived! About time too, it's the middle of August already!! But the joys of lakeside living mean no Internet access which meant I missed all sorts of goodies from Kate's sale over the past two days but I will continue to check back frequently this week to see what else is posted.

I'm checking her site so often, it's starting to feel like I'm stalking her beads stash. I guess that's one of the signs of a true bead addiction, someone tells you they are cleaning out their stuff and you are all over their website like a rash! I've been tempted by several things today but some more seriously than others. Some things have been sold before I make up my mind, and a couple were inadvertently lost due to a minor technological glitch that meant Paypal wouldn't recognize international shipping charges (but that minor problem has been sorted now), leaving me with a slight tinge of regret but knowing it only means those pieces just weren't meant to be mine. No doubt they have gone to a good home regardless. I just have to be patient and wait for the next treasure with my name on it to be posted.

Here's a couple of things I wanted but alas, didn't get: The Delicious Segment and the Mysterious Link, so named by Kate - one because it was made up of a bunch of small components, strung together to be one larger piece, and the other because the three pieces are joined together in a rather unusual fashion (which I really like for some reason).

Speaking of blogs - do you follow anyone's blog regularly, besides mine? :) (and thank you for reading!) I read Kate's every day and often several times a day, as she tends to post frequently about whatever is going on in the world and/or her mind. I have a list of blogs saved in my Favourites, mostly written by beady people, and try to read them every day. It's so disappointing when people don't post for a while (you know who you are!). I'm not saying people have to post every day, but for some bloggers, weeks and even months go by without an update and you think, hey, we're here, wanting to know what you're making or thinking or doing but you're ...not there, what's up with that?? Get writing, people! Show us what you're making, tell us what you're thinking about! Enquiring minds want to know!!


The Dixon Chick said...

Hmmm.... I think this mini-rant is directed at moi. In anticipation of this, I blogged twice today!!

I may blog one more time too!


YOu are VERY good at blogging every day. Kudos to you!

Sharon said...

Yes my Friend. You are very disciplined in your blogging. You make us all proud. Way to go. Sharon