Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Max's Butterfly Choker

This is my latest Inspiration created for the Beadfx website. I call it Max's Butterfly Choker because as I was finishing the piece, my cat Max took an extra special interest in it - by chewing on the clasp once it was all put together (and thankfully not before!), checking out the pile of triangle beads on my work surface (unfortunately, no photo of him with little beads stuck on his nose - very cute!) and lying on the keyboard and/or pile of ingredients as I was trying to type the component list - just generally driving me crazy in that way that cats who like to bead always do when you're trying to make a deadline!

I found the focal bead that I used in the centre of the choker while checking things out at the store one day soon after Dwyn first gave me this challenge. It has the very cool name of "Spanish Dancer" and was exactly the right shades to go with the three colours of triangle beads Dwyn had given me to work with. The beaded squares are made with even count peyote stitch and then strung on beading wire. The butterflies are Swarovski crystal and are held in the silver squares with eyepins.

By the way, did you notice that the beads are green? Five of the seven sets of beads she has given me for the Inspiration projects so far have involved the colour green and frankly, I'm feeling the urge to branch out from this colour so I've asked her to pick out something different for my next challenge!

Sadly, the finished piece is just a little too big for my neck and as a result, doesn't sit properly. I did measure but then, without really thinking it through, I figured I'd just add a couple of beads to round out the number - bad idea! Even just 2 or 3 extra beads on each side and next thing you know, it's at least a half an inch too long. D'oh! Once I get it back from Dwyn, I'll cut off the clasps and redo the ends and made the closure adjustable. It's definitely true what they say, you learn more from your mistakes than from something that turns out right the first time!

Because of its length, it was hard to photograph this piece, at least for me. Dwyn's photos on the Beadfx website are much more flattering, as always, so be sure to click on the link on the right and check out the Inspirations page to see more of this piece, if you are so inclined.

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