Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Road Trip With Heather

My friend Heather is vacationing here in Ontario with her family and we've been try to arrange getting together for the past week and a half, and finally able to coordinate our schedules to be able to spend today together.

We checked out a couple of bead stores in Oakville, one called the "Beady i" which was nice enough, if you hadn't already been thoroughly spoiled by the selection offered by Beadfx and Bead Junction, and the other called KnitOneBeadTwo (love the name!) which was primarily a knitting store but also sold an assortment of beads.

We had lunch at a very cool cafe on the main drag in Oakville called Isabella's Pasta Cafe. We poked around a few other shops there, including a kitchen store which had a large selection of cake decorating sprinkles - here's picture of them, all lined up on the shelf - don't they look like beads???

Then we headed to our main destination, Beads of Colour in Dundas - more about that tomorrow, I'm too pooped to write much more tonight - you know that weary feeling when you've had a long, lovely day doing something quite enjoyable? That's how I feel right now, too tired to use my brain much more but not quite ready for bed just yet.

Suffice it to say, Beads of Colour was a lovely shop, as Kate had told me back in May after she taught there. We met the delightful Barb but didn't meet the owner, Debi, because she was at home getting packed to go to Beadfest in Philadelphia tomorrow, lucky girl!

Here's a picture of me and my buddy at the end of our lovely day together.

We were sorry our other Puerto Vallarta beading pals, Colleen, Stefanie and Kate, couldn't be with us today. But we know they were there in spirit, especially when the first thing we saw as we drove into Milton, our first stop on our road trip, was this dragon lamp, exactly like the one Kate found in Mexico:

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