Sunday, August 16, 2009

Auction Purchases

The first thing I bought at the farm auction last week was a collection of pieces, consisting of a small lime green cupboard door with a vintage latch, the top of a 1960's or '70's school desk, a square piece of wood fashioned into a table top and a white box-like structure that might be an open shelf. All 4 pieces for $1. What a bargain!!

I quickly realized each of these items was bulky and I needed a way to get them back to my car, which was at least 100 yards away, so I bought a bundle buggy, complete with its own bungie cord and heavy cardboard liner, for $3.

Then I bought a bushel basket full of 18 quart-sized Mason jars, very clean but with no lids. I figure they'll be good for storing bits and pieces of my bead stash.

My beloved, very smart sister scored me this lovely, homemade trestle table. It was standing on a large piece of plywood and they auctioned both pieces together. Janine figured the guy who bought them, for only $7, was probably after the good price on the plywood and sure enough, he gladly sold her the table for $2. Isn't it the coolest? I especially like the ropes that keep the table legs from spreading too far apart.

I got this vintage metal plant stand as part of a job lot for a whopping $9.00, that was my most expensive item of the day. It came with a tray full of neat looking bits and pieces that I am looking forward to sorting through.

There were a few other small treasures combined with these purchases, but I'll save the details on those items for another day.

Don't forget, while I'm bringing more stuff into my collection, Kate McKinnon continues to cleanse her soul and her closets. Click the link on the right to see what is available right now and check back often for the next few days, rare treasures at bargain prices are being posted frequently!!

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The Dixon Chick said...

Let me know when you are going to an auction again - and I will gladly help you carry your purchases!!!