Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mad Men Yourself

Do you watch the TV show "Mad Men", about advertising executives on Madison Avenue in the early 1960's? Season 3 started this past week. I've seen all of Season 1 and a few episodes of Season 2. I especially love seeing the recreation of that late 50's lifestyle, the clothes, the cars, the social interactions.

Did you know you can make yourself into a Mad Men character? The Dixon Chick did and has the result posted as her Facebook photo, she was the one who told me about this website:

You pick out your sex, skin colour, body type, shape of your head (?!), hair colour, whether or not you want a swanky hat, hairstyle (gee, only one available with super straight hair like mine? there's a surprise!), eyes (with or without glasses), eyebrows, the shape of your nose (this was the hardest, I found!), your mouth (with or without cigarette), the colour and style of your clothes (I picked an outfit similar to one I actually own! who knew capri pants have been around that long?) and your "extras" - which in my case, consisted of a necklace and a martini! Last but not least, you pick a scene - whether you are standing in a kitchen, at the Sterling Cooper office, in the boudoir, etc.

Here's the result: me dressed casually, having a drink with a handsome dude in a bar. Whaaatt??? Nope, that so didn't work. So I switched the scene to a more appropriate picnic setting:

and then went back to change my look for my date with Mr. Gorgeous (a.k.a. Don Draper, in my dreams!) - much better result!

Then, just for fun, I went back one more time and did myself up as the guy! Yes, I resisted the urge to choose the pirate eye patch (yes, Rachel, you know you'll want to pick that one!) and went with the more conservative, office look - with a pipe, just to be cool.

Isn't it time you Mad Menned yourself??

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