Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Farm Auction

I've been meaning to tell you about a farm auction my sister and I went to last weekend. They started selling the house and barn contents at 10 a.m. and were all finished just after 1 p.m., when they auctioned off the property itself. The house wasn't anything too special, rather small on the ground floor but amazingly large on the 2nd floor, when you realized there were 5 bedrooms up there!

There was lots of cool stuff on offer, and as usual, quite the mix of cheap junk and valuable collectibles. There was a HUGE selection of tools, which unfortunately, in order to get through it quicker, they auctioned off in lots, which means the item you wanted might have been grouped together with one or two or several other things you had no desire for whatsoever. It's a good idea as a way to move stuff, but not so good if you don't want a bunch of new junk and thus miss out on something you really wanted.

I especially liked this stacked set of wrenches (which I didn't bid on, because I didn't want all the other stuff that was going to come with it), and this hammer with the funky handle (which my sister bought).

As always with auctions, when you do miss out on getting something, you never know if one more bid could have made the difference. I was bidding on this beautiful, clean white dresser and finally gave up, as I hadn't really planned ahead about what my top price would be, even though the final price wasn't that bad. As the new owner was taking it away, I noticed the back of dresser was finished with these lovely little nail covers that were so sweet. If I'd seen that little bit of detailing beforehand, I surely would have bid just a few more times! Then again, when I got home, I realized the dresser was probably too wide for the space I would have wanted to fit it, so it's just as well that I didn't get it.

What did I buy? I share some of that with you in tomorrow's post.

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