Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beads of Colour

There is a lovely little bead store on the Main Street of Dundas, ON called "Beads of Colour", which my friend Heather and I discovered yesterday. It is filled with all sorts of bead supplies, either displayed nicely on the walls and tables within the store or very cleverly stored in space saving cabinets and drawers - they really do have a lot of stuff packed into a very small space. I don't mean to suggest that you feel cramped while you're in the store, you don't at all - it's just that if you look around for a certain something and don't see it, be sure to ask because they probably have it, it just might not be immediately visible to the untrained eye.

Heather and I spent at least an hour puttering about the store, checking everything out. They had some very unusual beads and components in stock, things that I haven't seen in other places. For example, these funky flower power sequins:

They actually had quite a big selection of vintage sequins, both Heather and I bought several in various sizes, shapes (i.e. round or star-shaped) and colours (pink, red, silver, turquoise, brown and gold). I'm not entirely sure what I will end up doing with them but I'm excited to add them to my stash.
I also picked up these unusually shaped beads, I think they are lucite. They came in all sorts of colours, but I picked these ones because I've been collecting components in pink, orange and white ever since June when I got some very special beads at the Bead and Button show. However, I haven't done anything with them yet and summer is almost over - must...get...busy on that project!!

They also have many interesting types of chain available, and again, nothing like I have seen before in other bead stores. Heather and I both bought a metre of this copper daisy chain to make a bracelet like one they had made up in the store. Perhaps I can prevail upon Heather to send me a picture of her finished piece and I will post it together with mine, so you can see what we made. I have a feeling both of us will make something similar to the store's sample and yet each put our own different twist on it. Stay tuned.

They also offer a huge variety of classes there. I picked up a copy of their brochure, which, amazingly, lists all of the classes they will be offering between October and February - 74 of them! Saturday, September 19th is registration day and the store opens at 9:30 that day so people can sign up. I have this vision of beaders lined up around the block, waiting to get in and register! I must just end up being one of those people when the time comes.

You can download a list of the classes and check out their website here: If you need to look up directions to the store, I would recommend using Google Maps and keying in "65 Main Street West, Dundas", which will give you accurate results, because Mapquest got us totally lost (turns out, both Hamilton and Dundas have Main Streets and they join together!).

All I can say is, I have a feeling it will be dangerous for me to know that I have yet another fantastic bead store located only about a 40 minute drive from where I live!

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