Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Worn Out From Playing

Last night, Belle Cherie wore herself out playing with this little feathered toy. She could hardly keep her eyes open but she still wasn't going to let go of the toy, heaven forbid one of the other kittens should get to play with it instead!

I'm feeling a bit worn out myself tonight.  We're being switched to Office 2010 at work over the next 3 weeks. When I went into work this morning, the new program had been installed on my computer overnight.  Visually, it looks completely different on the screen.  It's as if you've been looking at a blue screen for the past 10 years and suddenly, it's green.  I could feel my brain whirling all day, trying to make sense of the new look.  I'm sure I'll get there and some of the improvements look really cool, no doubt it will be worth the update in the end but in the meantime, there are new things to be learned, settings to be set up or reset and new pathways to discover.  I tell myself it's good for my brain to have this new challenge, they say learning new things will hopefully help fend off Alzheimer's, but tonight, I'm just a little worn out from playing with the new system all day! 

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Anonymous said...

Take Belle Cherie's feather toy to work with you!