Thursday, August 9, 2012

Long Weekend Antique Shopping

Because of the holiday Monday last weekend, I made a stop into a few of the local antique shops on the way to and from the cottage. I find they tend to get in extra stock or save special pieces for the long weekends, since there is usually a higher number of people dropping in.  I wasn't disappointed.

One place had this trunk:

which I would have walked right by (seeing as how I'm not in the market for a trunk, given that I already have two of my own) except that I overheard someone else exclaim over its contents, so I had to take a peek inside.  What a beauty!

Alas, like I said, I wasn't in the market for a trunk nor did I want to pay $125 for one, no matter how pretty it was!

This red bench would have been perfect for my balcony, but it was already sold.

I resisted the stuffed Canada goose with not a qualm.

I did pick up a wooden box for holding paints and art supplies for only $15 (photographed on our vintage cottage stove).

I had seen two of them there a month or so ago and resisted the urge to buy the one full of old, hardened tubes of oil paint (which had been sold some time between my last visit and this one), although I was drawn to the look of it for some reason and took photos of it at the time.

Driving back to the city on Monday, I stopped in to another place and totally fell in love with this dining set. 

I already have a dining room table and chairs that I inherited from my grandparents - dark wood, Duncan Phyfe style, which is lovely but rather formal looking.  If I knew what to do with it or someone who wanted it, I would have snapped up the distressed white set in a flash - it feels more like "me".  Especially since it was priced to sell at only $100 for the lot!

I did luck into this little box of bingo pieces stored inside an old match box:

conveniently labelled on the bottom so you know which way is up!  (did people really need to be told these things in the good old days?!)

And, the pièce de résistance, this vintage children's stamping set:

with all the letters and numbers intact.  Both items for, believe it or not, only $5.00. Score!

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Taylor schapiro said...

Ooh I want that table. Its just what I am looking for.