Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dogs on the Beach

I love watching dogs on the beach.  There's just something about them, the way they react to the water.  Some of them are so comfortable, flinging themselves into the waves with no hesitation (much like their human counterparts) while others are a little more cautious.

I saw this woman with her dog. She was actually holding him like a child, encouraging him to get wet. Obviously an older dog who just didn't want to get wet.

His buddy, on the other hand, had noticed the tiny minnows swimming about here and there and was watching eagerly to try and catch one or two.

Then there was this dog with a tennis ball.  His human threw the ball over and over for him, he'd swim out and pick it up

bring it back to the beach, where he or she couldn't decide if they wanted to dig a hole and bury it or take it back to their human for another throw.  But first, the shake off!

Then on the go again.

Sometimes I wish I had a dog.  It would be a big dog like these ones, a lab or a German shepherd or, most likely, a golden retriever.  But then I remember the smell of a wet dog, a dog that has been wet and dried off and really needs a proper bath with soap, and I think...okay, maybe not! 

I do love watching them though, especially when they are at play on the beach.

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