Friday, August 24, 2012

Better Value at Value Village

Another excellent shopping excursion at Value Village, a local thrift store, the other day.  I tend to drop in for a visit every week or two nowadays.  I usually head to the office supply shelves first, then check the bagged items hanging on the wall, then books.

Two days ago,  I first found this stamp holder for only $1.99:

(which, you might recall, I needed because the one I got in May only holds 8 stamps, leaving the number 9 without a hanging spot.  Not any more!)

On the shelf right above it, I found this Rolodex for only $3.99.

I really didn't need another Rolodex but I did want the cards themselves.  [So if anyone needs one, let me know, which will force me to decide which version I want to keep - the flat, covered box or the round, spin until you find the card you want type.  I'm leaning towards the round one, it seems much more bohemian somehow.  The box type seems a little too "corporate" to me right now.]

And, the best part of that day's score, just as I walked into the first aisle of books, I looked down and there was this copy of "The Creative License" by Danny Gregory for a mere $4.99.

I had literally just ordered myself a copy of this book the day before for $15.87 from Amazon.  I went right back to the office and cancelled my order!

Now that's a valuable shopping spree!

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