Monday, August 20, 2012

Little Books

My stepgrandmother is turning 90 this coming weekend and we've been told "best wishes only."  However, I want to make a little something for her so I thought I'd make a little book for her.

I was inspired by this one my friend Diane made for me last year on my birthday:

It measures 3 inches square and has 12 pages (counting both left and right sides) inside the front and back covers, which Diane filled with photos and birthday greetings. There are also a couple of little tags that tuck into openings on the right hand side of the book (which are a great temptation for my cat Maggie, I have to keep it out of her sight!).

I went on the Internet to see if I could find directions for something similar and found this video by Lisa Spangler of Hero Arts on YouTube, which was perfect for what I want to make for this week's occasion:

Stay tuned for later in the week, I'll show you the finished product.

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