Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pages from the Dark Side

Here are some of the pages created by my fellow Journal Junkies members, as presented last night at our monthly meeting. As usual, the meeting was held at Bizzy B which is not why we let Barb (one of the owners) go first. :)  She hadn't done a journal page but did have this very cool item she had made from, are you ready this this? Melted crayons! 

Next was Diana, whose theme was something that takes her over to the dark side - too much worry.  Ain't that the truth!  The awesome figure she used was one she found in a magazine.

James, our token male, had made this page using an oil pastel scratch technique that he learned from the Internet.

Donna made these pages using some images of a manatee she had made years ago.  She had seen the manatee as a child in Trinidad, it was caught in a fisherman's net.  She tells the story in the text surrounding the images.

Marilyn had a two page spread, with these hilarious images of Toronto's Mayor (currently claiming there is nothing wrong with reading with driving because, hey, he's a busy guy! I am not making this up!  Apparently, it's only electronics we're not supposed to be distracted by while behind the wheel, anything else is fair game.  Thanks, Mr. Ford, for clearing that up for us! Geez.) and our Prime Minister.  Politics is definitely representative of the dark side, as far as Marilyn is concerned and I have to agree!

On the opposite page, her version of the bright side = a cute little girl, pastel colours (mixed with black gesso) and lyrics from "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

More pictures tomorrow!

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