Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Pages from the Dark Side

Here are the rest of the pages from my esteemed colleagues in Bizzy B's Journal Junkies group.

Kelly - normally our Queen of the Dark Side (and I mean that as a compliment!) - started off with this page, which she quickly realized did not qualify as "dark" at all! Beautiful, yes. Dark, not a chance.

She then got into the groove by first recreating the cover of the Pink Floyd album, "Dark Side of the Moon", one of her all time favourites.

Then came this page.
"I will alway appreciate
the beauty of the dark side."
And this one.

Followed by this one (she was definitely on a roll!)
"Under the veil of darkness there is
so much that is beautiful."
Connie's turn was next.

After Connie was her daughter Emma and her friend Stella, who was visiting our group this month.

Emma's page:
"You always see the smile but
what about the dark side?"
Here is Stella showing us the page she had made earlier that afternoon:

Next up was Jackie, who made a very cool 3D hot air balloon for her page.
"All of us get lost in the darkness,
dreamers learn to steer by the stars."
(lyrics from "The Pass" by Rush)
Louise was last but not least.  Her first page had a Star Wars theme, the quintessential dark side example.

She also did this page, which was based on the idea of the chemicals in our brain and mental illnesses that often leads us to the dark side.

Great job, everyone!

Next month's theme is "pet peeves".  Stay tuned!

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