Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Second Last Day in Florence

Warning: cement nudity and meat carving photos ahead!

I headed off first thing this morning in search of flea markets, having been told of two locations by one of the tour guides the other day. Alas, there were none to be found. In the suggested location, there was a place that looked like it might be the spot but all the stalls were empty and closed up. Maybe they are only open on weekdays?

I did find a fruit and vegetable market nearby with a boar's head being sliced up in one booth (insert shudder here) but alas, nothing of the sort of vintage and antique type of goodies I was seeking.

Although this covered up stash of books and things looked like it might have been of interest, if the owner had been present.

So too this pretty store, also closed.

So I went off on a walkabout, checked out an area of the city that I hadn't been to yet, found more interesting architecture to photograph and even more churches. Also found a little paper shop tucked in a side street behind the Palazza Vecchio where I bought several papers for future journaling endeavours.

The PV itself was emptier than it had been all week, which meant I finally had a chance to get close to the Neptune fountain for a good look.

Neptune was quite a handsome fellow
Spent a few hours happily putting things in my journal after lunch (and tasting the chocolate version of the lemon donut I had enjoyed the first day in Florence, which was even better!),

Donut and Diet Coke - yum!
then headed out to see a photo exhibit about Marilyn Monroe at the Salvatore Ferragamo museum, which also featured, naturally, a number of pairs of shoes that Mr. Ferragamo had made for her. It was quite an interesting presentation, especially since I had watched the Michelle Williams movie, My Week With Marilyn, on the plane coming over here.

I like the way the architectural elements of the building
across the street reflects in this picture of Marilyn
in the window of Ferragamo.

Found out yesterday my debit card is now "not operational" (what?? I just used it a few days ago!) so I've been stretching out my last 50 euros and using my credit card instead. Which meant I had dinner at the Hard Rock again tonight, since I knew they would take Visa (lots of places here prefer cash). The cute waiter I had met the first night I was here came over to chat, gave me his number and suggested we meet later for coffee. Not going to happen but still flattering!

Looking forward to tomorrow, when I shall be meeting up with Taylor Shapiro, whom I met last year on the Portugal trip with Teesha and Tracy Moore. As luck would have it, our Italian itineraries coincide for one day here in Florence, so we're going to hang out, maybe visit the Pitti Palace where they have the 2nd best collection of art and statues in town, so they say in the guidebooks, then probably have dinner and like everyone else in town, watch the soccer final against Spain. Viva Italia!

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Mary Ann said...

no fling in italy?
what a tragedy!
what about those blue jean condoms you bought..from the earlier post... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha