Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Papermaking in Fabriano

That's what we did today, we made our own paper.  It took about 3 hours from start to finish and apparently it is too thin to use with watercolours but that's okay.  It was quite interesting but I definitely have a new appreciation for this paper.  I can now tell you with no question that it is worth paying extra for this quality paper, there is a lot involved in the process.

We're going to make journals with our paper on Friday. Not tomorrow because we're going to the beach. Don't ask me which coastal town on the eastern side of Italy on the Adriatic Sea because our itinerary is somewhat fluid at the moment.  Our Fabriano hosts want us to have the best possible experience so destinations and timetables are subject to change if someone comes up with a better idea of what we should be doing.  Luckily, none of us have a problem with that.

We are also in the middle of a weeklong medieval celebration in town.  Last night, while we sampled one of the local gelato establishments (I had a mix of cherry ans chocolate flavours, mmm), we watched the four local teams compete in rolling barrels, sack races, etc. Tonight, we had dinner at the green team's headquarters and watched strolling musicians playing drums, wind instruments such as flutes and bagpipes, and mandolins.  Many people were dressed in medieval costumes and there were also people demonstrating things like blacksmithing and leather tanning.  All very interesting and lots of photo ops that I regret I cannot share at this time.  Stay tuned!


Miss Heidi said...

oh how cool was that Cynthia making Fabiano paper, I will appreciate it more now knowing you had your hands in the pot of the paper making. Sounds like you are having a awesome time, and knowing you, you will have many amazing pictures. excited to see.

Lori Wostl said...

Write more, we want more vicarious living, finally connected the dots and know you are with Diana...duh