Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday in Florence

Another hot and sunny day in Italy. Doesn't seem to ever rain here, even when the forecast says thunderstorms.

3 hour walking tour in the morning, learning the history, seeing the sights.  Ended inside the Duomo, where the mosaics on the marble floor are incredible.  The you look up, way up, to those frescoes painted on the ceiling of the dome.  Oh my.

Lunch at the apartment was pizza from a little place around the corner. Saving the leftovers for tomorrow.

 Played in my journal, hung my washed socks out on the line outside the kitchen window, wrote postcards until it was time to go out for more exploring. Sampled some strawberry gelato, walked up and down various streets, found a fancy paper store and a dusty old basement book store, both of which held a few treasures with my name on them.

Met 4 of my Fabriano friends for dinner at a cafeteria style place recommended by Rick Steves. Not fancy but very good food and very reasonable prices. Said our final goodbyes as they head to Rome tomorrow and then home to the States.

Thought I'd go home for any early night but was drawn instead to an exhibit of American painters who visited or lived in Florence, such as John Singer Sargent. Finished in time to sit outside the gallery and watch the end of the soccer game via the big screen in a nearby bar. Italy won, leading to much celebration amongst the locals and a date with Spain in the final on Sunday. And now, to bed.

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Mary Ann said...

i'm enjoying your travel posts dear cyntha!!

going backwards through time.

such fun!!!

send me pics!!!!!!!