Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Vintage Finds

Imagine my delight last Saturday to discover that there were not one but two antique stores open on the main street of my home town that I had yet to explore.

One of them was a regular antique store with many interesting furniture items, especially if you are into teak pieces, which are very much in retro fashion these days.  They also had a very cool way of sorting their record albums that I might have to copy:

I only spent $3.30 there, bought an assortment of postage stamps but they had lots of lovely things to look at.

The second store was much junky and smelled a little funky.  I went in anyway and much to my surprise and extreme excitement, discovered a treasure trove of vintage stationery supplies.  For the princely sum of $6.20 (inclusive of provincial sales tax at a rate of 13%, don't you know), I got:

labels (at 10 cents a package, I snapped up as many as I could find):

various packages of lettering (vinyl, Letraset):

stencils - 3 full alphabets (including numbers) in 2 sizes and a not quite complete set in a 3rd size:

a box of message pads for only a quarter:

and an assortment of other office supply paper,

including this time book which featured a chart that horrified my sister - the starting wage was $2.55 an hour and went all the way up for $3.20 an hour!

Then I told her about my first big time summer job, back in 1979, where I was paid a whopping $3.65 an hour (I still have the acceptance letter to prove it) and thought that was great money.  We've come a long way, baby!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, the second shop....is it anywhere near Bizzy B? Maybe we could go there after class if it is nearby?