Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Busy One

It has been one of those non-stop busy days where nothing seems to have been finished but lots got done.  I am hoping that by this time tomorrow, everything will have magically come together in a more complete fashion, but in the meantime, I definitely feel like progress was made.

I decorated the cover of my daily journal and pasted in some images that have been lying around for a while waiting to find their place.  Cats have been fed, watered, brushed and cuddled.  I tidied up and put away all the rest of the kitchen stuff that got shuffled about last night.  More stuff was collected for the Goodwill box.  Online class notes were sorted into binders, labelled and put on an easy to reach shelf for quick reference.

The biggest job today was cleaning off my desk and rearranging the computer, printer and storage compartment that sit on it, as well as dusting and reorganizing the top 3 shelves of the bookcase beside it.  It doesn't look all that exciting and it seems rather too linear or something at the moment with everything lined up along the wall like that but practically speaking, it will be more efficient, because the cables have all been rearranged (who knew that would be so time consuming?) and I'll be able to reach the printer more easily on the right hand side now that the filing cabinet on the left isn't blocking my access. 

That Paris picture? Finally hung it today, after leaning it against the wall for the past year since I bought it.  Wasn't sure the table would support my weight, finally brave enough today to try it and no problem!

Notice the phone is raised up on top of the little storage compartment? That's because there have been a couple of instances in recent weeks where a cat has knocked the phone off the hook and then stepped on a speed dial button.  Usually I just hear that annoying dial tone beeping noise but there was one occasion when my brother in Jasper wanted to know why I called him in the middle of a weekday from home when I should have been at work (he doesn't have voicemail, just saw my number on the call display).  I had to explain that I didn't call him, the cat did! :)

I'm weary now though. I was tired when I woke up this morning, after a week of not getting to bed early enough, last night included, but I've been ignoring it all day. It's starting to catch up to me now though and my back is telling me that all that clambering about on top of and under the desk was a bit much. Think I'll watch a bit of TV and then head to bed.  There's more organizing, cleaning and pre-packing preparation to be done tomorrow!

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