Monday, June 18, 2012

Arrivaderci Roma!

Autospeller on this tablet turned goodbye in Italian into "barricaded" - whaaat?

Had a great time in Rome, hopping on a train tomorrow morning to head to Fabriano. (or "Davidson" in tablet speak. It's like it has it's own language!)

Not sure if I will schlep (that word was no problem) my suitcases to the subway or take a cab.  The 20 minute walk to the train station is all uphill, so that is not an option.

Saw most of the major sights of the city today on the hop on, hop off bus, only I didn't hop, I rode the whole route. Then went back and did parts on foot.  Ended the afternoon with a visit to the Pantheon and the Pizzas Navona. No, not pizzas, Piazza! Geez, where do I turn that off?

522 photos to date, wish I could share some of them.  I could use the camera on the tablet, should have thought of that before I spread the contents of my suitcase all over this tiny apartment!

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