Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wheels Up, Top Down

Flew back from Virginia this afternoon.  Heather's husband Andy very kindly drove me to the airport...in his shiny silver Corvette! 

It was a beeeeyoootiful day in Virginia, about 80 degrees F, sunny and warm - spring has definitely sprung there (I must say, it was certainly a shock to come home to 50 degrees and rain) and everything is so very green.

It was the perfect day to be driving fast in a hot car.

As it turned out, my flight was delayed about an hour which actually turned out to be a good thing because it ended up that I ran into 3 other lovely ladies from Ontario (one from Sudbury, two from Toronto) whom I had met in my last class at Art & Soul who had gotten bumped onto my flight (Danielle and I were even seated next to each other, as the fates would have it), so we were all glad to have the extra time to chat, get to know each other better and make plans for future artful gatherings.

What a wonderful trip it was.  Lots of amazing experiences, great people, fabulous instructors, the details of which will be shared in future blogs.

Most importantly, many, many thanks to Heather and Andy and their two fabulous kids for their hospitality and for making me feel completely at home (Madzilla, hope you are feeling better!  Mack, don't be late for school), and to my catsitter Tracy for taking such good care of Katrina while I was away.  She seems quite happy to have me home and I am certainly glad to be reunited with her.

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Laura Twiford said...

Glad you are home safely Cynthia. It was great to finally meet you in person and it definitely went by too fast. It's nice that you had new friends to talk and share with on the flight home. The pix of you in the car, hair flying made me smile!