Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another One Gone

Jackie (a.k.a. Jacquotte Delahay), the last of the Pirate Kittens, went to live at a different foster home tonight, one with five sweet little kittens just two weeks younger than she is (known as the "Spider Kittens"), so that she will be adopted with a second kitten close to her own age.  It was a long ride to her new home, about 45 minutes in the car, along the busy highway in the pouring rain, and she was really well behaved during the trip.  There were a few plaintive meows and mournful cries, the kind that almost break your heart while you try to explain to the wee thing boxed up in the cage that "it won't be long now, we're almost there", but mostly she was quiet and tolerated the noise and uncertainty.  But as soon as we opened the cat carrier at the new place, she walked right out and began exploring her new surroundings.  She didn't seem fazed by the fact that there were 6 other cats in the room, 5 of them smaller than her, and none of her new roommates seemed to mind having her there.  The momma cat there was a tiny thing, she didn't look much older than a kitten herself, only about half the size of Katrina and the Pirate Mom.  As long as she doesn't give Jackie a hard time for being the new kitten on the block, and she didn't seem at all inclined that way, it will be good.
Jackie, the fluffy girl
Now I'm back home, trying not to feel guilty about taking the last kitten away from the momma cat, whom I've been calling Maggie (because "Lady Killigrew" is much too difficult a name for everyday use, as far as I am concerned).  She seems more comfortable about Katrina being around now that there isn't a kitten to watch over, we'll see how things go the next few days as the two spend more time together.  I believe the plan is that she'll stay here with me for at least a few more weeks, and she'll need to be spayed as soon as her milk dries up, but that suits me fine.  She is a very friendly cat, I'm sure we'll continue to get along very well.
Jacquotte Delahay and Lady Killigrew


Cindy said...

What sweet kitties! I can understand how tough it must have been to separate the kittens from their Mama. Not sure I'm tough enough to do that myself. :-( It sounds like they are in loving homes, you should feel great about that!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

You're right, Cindy, I do feel great about knowing these cats have found loving homes and that I was a part of that process. 14 cats are alive and well loved now because they stayed with me for a little while, and I'm happy about that.