Sunday, May 29, 2011

Christie Antique Show

Another spring Saturday, another outdoor antique show.  This one was held at the Christie Lake Conservation Area.

The day started off quite foggy:

but I headed off with my friend Barb and her sister Heather to Dundas, Ontario. We arrived about 8:20, very soon after the gates opened at 8 a.m. but already the two closest parking lots were full.  We made the trek from our car to the vendor area and started going up and down the various aisles, checking out the wares of about 300 dealers.  

Barb and Heather, just before Barb bought the red wooden basket in the photo

We stopped for lunch around 11 a.m. - who knew antique shopping could make one so very hungry? A hot dog for me and Barb, and schnitzel on a bun for Heather.  We couldn't decide between the mini donuts and the apple fritters for dessert so we had a little bit of both and we were not disappointed.

After lunch, another 4 hours perusing what was on offer.

Here are a few shots to show how wet things were, like the mud in the farmer's field where we parked:

rubber boots were the footwear of choice, although this flimsy summer skirt was a little out of place:

these kids were having fun later in the day:

lots of hay on top of the mud made it easier to get around:

It stayed grey most of the day, with the occasional peek of sun but more often, dark grey clouds and every now and then, a strong wind that tended to knock things over in the tents and displays of unprepared antique dealers, but it never did rain and for that, all were grateful.  We saw lots of interesting things, although overall, we agreed that many things seemed overpriced, as they tend to be at the Christie show.  Nevertheless, a good time was had by all!

No black panthers but there was a tiger and a leopard.

Oh yes, and a giant bear.


Laura Twiford said...

You go to the coolest places! The bear looks like he's dancing there by you, very funny

Pretty Things said...

That foggy photo is gorgeous! I would have loved to have gone there with you.