Saturday, May 14, 2011

4 Down, 1 To Go

Two more of the Pirate Kittens were adopted on Thursday night.  The foster mother they had before me decided to adopt two of them, Bartholomew Sharp (the all grey one) and Thomas Tew (the orange one).  That leaves only Jacquotte Delahay with me for now, together with her momma and my original foster charge, Katrina.  Jackie seems to be missing her brothers, although her mom seems more outgoing and playful now that the other kittens are gone.  We're looking to find someone to adopt Jacquotte that already has a kitten close to her in age, so she will have a playmate.

Here she is, all tuckered out by her water bowl (can you say "awwww"?):

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Pretty Things said...

He looks just like my tiny kitty, Max!!!