Friday, May 13, 2011

Back Online

Couldn't post last night because Blogger was "unavailable". 

This was the first time in my three years of blogging that this has happened and I must say, it was rather disconcerting not to be able to post. My blog and that of most everyone else on the system was in "read only" mode. However, it seems I got off easy, as millions of people apparently lost their posts from yesterday altogether. No word yet on what caused all this kerfuffle, they are apparently still working to solve the problem, but in the meantime, I'm posting this entry as fast as I can!

Wanted to show photos from the Toronto Bead Society's Techniques night on Wednesday.  Judging by the laughter and chatter that was going on around the room, everyone was excited and enjoying themselves but I can't tell you what else was going on because we were all completed engrossed in what was going on at our own table, where we learned all about Crystal Clay from The Dixon Chick's (I keep linking to her blog in the hope that she will post a new entry!)

What is Crystal Clay?  It's a two part epoxy clay, which means that it will adhere to just about anything.  You have between 60 to 90 minutes to work with the clay once it is mixed and then it is fully cured within 12 to 24 hours.  Plus it is so easy to use.  I picked the turquoise colour but as you can see from this photo of a bracelet Stephanie made using the various colours available, there are several to choose from (not all of which are shown here):

Here's what we started with - two equal parts of each bit of clay

which get mixed by kneading them together, then formed into the shape of the empty bezel into which you push the clay and form it to the desired shape, then add crystals, of which we received SEVERAL from our very own, very generous Swarovski Crystal Ambassador Stephanie, shown here looking oh so glamourous in her latex gloves, which are recommended wear when mixing the clay together (picture is slightly fuzzy as I was laughing as I took the photo, it was that kind of evening).

The whole process could not be easier.  Here's what my finished pendant looks like:

and here are some other samples of finished pieces that Stephanie had on hand to show us:

The piece I made used up maybe a tenth of the package of clay, so I have lots left to play and experiment with.  Can't wait to see what else I can with this stuff! 

P.S.  All the necessary supplies are available from the Chick herself or Beadfx.


Jane Perala said...

That looks really neat - I love new stuff!

Laura Twiford said...

That Stephanie looks like a hoot! It sounds like it was a fun night and a cool technique to play with.