Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chatting with Aunty Brenda

Long time readers of this blog will recall that in January 2010, I received a postcard from South Africa addressed to the former occupant of my apartment, "Great Aunty Brenda".  I wrote about it here.

Another postcard for her arrived last week, only this time there was a last name on the card, so I was able to do a little detective work and look her up on  I gave her a call and left a message explaining that I would mail it to her new address if she would let me know her apartment number. 

She promptly returned my call and we had a lovely chat.  She explained that it is her great niece who is sending the cards and she too is surprised that she is still sending them to the old address but that she doesn't have too much contact with her either.  We also discussed the wonderful apartment in which I currently reside, which she misses - the light, the space, the view, the pool downstairs, the convenient location.  However, she wanted to stop driving and needed a home more centrally located in the city so she made the decision to move more than 2 years ago and lucky for me that she did, leaving this place vacant for me to rent.

Brenda advised that she didn't want me to send her the actual card, so I have passed it on to my boss to give to her daughter, who is a rabid fan of Harry Potter, because this card came from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida by way of Hogsmeade Village.  Or so sayeth the owl postmark.

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J9F said...

guess you forgot that your sister is a Harry Potter fan!