Monday, May 9, 2011

Still Catching Up

I've been home from Art & Soul for almost a week now and I can't believe how tired I still feel.  I shouldn't really be surprised, we were on the go for the whole ten days of my trip and then I came home and immediately went back to a very busy job plus started looking after 6 new cats, so it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that I am still feeling like I need a little down time.  I haven't even really unpacked yet.  I have emptied my suitcases but I still have goodies piled in a couple of places that need to be put away.

I also feel like there are so many new ideas swirling about in my head, I feel overstimulated, like my brain isn't processing everything fast enough and my body just can't keep up.  I am looking forward to this weekend, as I have nothing planned and I am hoping to spend some time making some art and tidying up my apartment.  However, I'm sure that's the sign of a good vacation, when you feel like you did so much and absorbed so much new and exciting information that you need a rest to recover from your time off!

I've downloaded most of my photos, of which there were many (more than 500).  I'm looking forward to sharing some of those photos and telling you about the cool things I learned and the wonderful people I met in blog posts over the next few days.  But not tonight.  Tonight, I am pooped with a capital "P" and aside from trying to put things away enough for my cleaning lady to be able to do her job tomorrow without too much getting in her way, I'm am hoping to just enjoy a little quiet, unencumbered time tonight catching up on a Coronation Street episode or two and hopefully go to bed early.

As you can see from these photos, spring is slowly catching up to the calendar as well - I took these photos yesterday at my mom's house, where we spent a lovely Mother's Day.  I won't mention the overnight frost warnings for areas just north of Toronto, that could just be a fluke.

P.S.  And yes, we did find a garage sale yesterday on the way to Lindsay.  I picked up a lovely 8x10 picture frame and a covered glass butter dish for only a dollar - score!

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