Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Old Friends and New

At Art and Soul Hampton, besides spending time with my friend Heather 
can you believe she didn't buy this hat?
I also ran into some old friends, like Dawn Kittrell Sherrill, one of the lovely women with whom I explored the south of France last fall:

as well as Susan Lenart Kazmer (a.k.a "The Rockstar", who was there to teach, and from whom I took 3 days of amazing classes at Bead & Button two years ago) and Baba Paul, whom I met at a workshop with Kate McKinnon in November 2009.

I  also had the pleasure of meeting Sally Jean (a.k.a the "Soldering Queen", who posts really cool photos on her blog but doesn't it do it nearly as often as I would prefer)

and Sarah Whitmire of Soul Journaling fame (pictured here with Dawn Close, another new friend, on the left and Sarah's handsome husband whose name I can't remember right now on the right):

I also met the lovely ladies of the Tribe, Charlene Sevier, and the various amazing teachers from whom I took classes, including Janice Berkebile and Stephanie Rubiano 
Stephanie and Janice
but I have special stories to tell you about all of them so I save those tales for a later date.  Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Love that you got so many photos! I want to see your creations!