Friday, May 20, 2011

That Time of Year

Off to the cottage tomorrow for the first time this year.  Time to open it up, clear out the dust and the cobwebs, open the windows and clean out the refrigerator.  Hopefully my sister will be able to get the water running on the first try.  As you may recall, last year, we were without water for the first several weeks of the season.  I am hoping that this year, everything will go smoothly, we're overdue for an easy time of it!

I hope to do a little "saleing" on the way up there.  My friend Stephanie told me that's what her grandmother used to call it, when she'd go shopping the garage sales on a Saturday morning. 

I am leaving behind one quiet, lovely panther-like cat who doesn't spend nearly as much time under the bed as she used to, one poor cat who is, unexpectedly for both of us, going through heat (I feel bad for her but at the same time, I am looking forward to an undisturbed night's sleep!) and one family of cats, a momma and 2 kittens, all of whom get friendlier every day, who I hope will be okay on their own while I'm gone for 36 hours (I'm told they will be and that is not a problem to leave them, but I will still worry). 

Whatever you are doing this first long weekend of the 2011 season, I do hope you will be having fun.  I'll be working hard but enjoying it!

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