Thursday, May 5, 2011

Invaded by Pirates!

The "Pirate Kittens" and their momma have come to stay with me.  I picked them up this afternoon from another foster home.  They are just a few days short of 8 weeks old and ready to be adopted as of this weekend, with one adoption interview scheduled for Saturday afternoon already, so I don't expect I will have them for long.

There is one female and four male kittens.  One of the males is orange but a very pale or whitish orange, a very unusual colour if you ask me, quite striking.  His name is Thomas Tew, named after "the Rhode Island Pirate", according to his Wikipedia entry.  Here he is, showing no interest in my pink toenail polish.

The other four kittens are grey, with one (Bartholomew Sharp) who is discernible from his siblings by the fact that he is the one without socks, the others all have white paws. 

Tobias Bridge and Nathaniel Butler are the names of the other two.  Here are a couple of photos of them but don't ask me which is which, I don't know yet!  All I know is, they are adorably cute.

The lone female kitten of this litter is named after Jacquotte Delahay, a Caribbean buccaneer with striking red hair, born of a French father and a Haitian mother, according her all too brief Wikipedia entry.  This kitten is a little bit fluffier than her brothers with a bit more of a rounded face, so I don't have any problem picking her out from the group.

I am told the mother cat's name is Lady Killigrew, but I don't know if she is named after Mary or Elizabeth, two female pirates from the 16th century  (read about them here on Wikipedia).  She is a very unusual looking cat, not sure if you would call her tortoise or calico.

She seems very friendly and enjoys being petted.  She is shedding like crazy so I'll be taking a brush and/or comb to her very shortly, see how she does with that. She also seemed quite hungry (no doubt because she is still nursing) and gobbled up the food I put down, while the kittens ignored it for the most part, too busy exploring their new surroundings.

Hopefully they will enjoy their new surroundings for the time they are here.  Once again, Katrina doesn't seem too bothered by the idea that there are other cats behind the closed door, she seems happy enough to hang out with me when I'm not kitten wrangling.


Jane Perala said...

Sooo adorable!

TesoriTrovati said...

I am so not a cat person. Wickedly allergic. But those kittens make me reconsider a little bit...if only they would stay that way!
Enjoy the day!