Monday, June 1, 2009

Found Objects

As part of the 3 day course I am taking with Susan Lenart Kazmer in Milwaukee, we'll be learning how to alter found objects. As a result, I've been collecting bits of metal that I've found over the past few weeks. My sister asked me last week, "why do you keep picking up those things?" and I said, "because I'm taking a class with Susan Lenart Kazmer!"

I've got flattened bottle caps and rusty washers and springs and random bits of metal, all jingling around together in a Ziploc bag. The photo in my blog entry on April 24th gives you an idea of some of the bits and pieces I've found recently, and here's another photo showing some things I found in downtown Toronto a few weeks ago.

Hopefully the Customs agent didn't remove these goodies from my suitcase as I crossed the border!

But I must say, it's funny what you find when you take a look around and are willing to consider what other people call garbage as potential treasure. Someone put this lovely wooden box in our recycling area a few weeks ago:

As you can see, the lid is a little bit warped in one corner and there is a white spot from something, I can't tell what. But look how nice it is inside:

The other day, I found this bracelet in a box of perfectly good stuff put out near the dumpster behind my building. It's in brand new condition and has these totally funky wooden beads. Why would anyone throw it away? At the very least, why not take it to Goodwill for them to sell it and earn some money to help others? What would be the point of having this bracelet sit in a landfill for the next 50 years???

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