Friday, June 19, 2009

The Wine Gum Necklace

My latest Inspiration Creation for Beadfx is now posted on their website. I call it the Wine Gum Necklace because the resin beads made me think of those wine gum candies with their shapes and colours (although I can't say I've ever seen blue and green wine??? and I never did like those candies, so maybe I'm getting them mixed up with something else??)

As usual, the Dixon Chick and I started out with the same assortment of beads. Sadly, Miss Chick did not finish her piece in time, even though we had an extension due to the fact that we both were away for a week at the B&B show, and as far as the challenge goes, Dwyn tells me that means...I win!! :)

However, stay tuned to the Beadfx website as Steph will probably get hers finished and posted in the next few days.

As for my own creation, I went a little asymmetrical this time around, which is a real departure for me. I didn't have any choice over the colour or number of beads so I worked with what I was given. If I had picked them myself, I would have picked an even or matching number of beads and spaced them out accordingly. Instead, I had to go out of my comfort zone a little bit, although I did balance it by keeping the same number of jump rings between each bead, which soothed my inate desire for symmetry. I like the fact that some of the beads are centre drilled and some are side drilled, as that mixes it up a little bit. I wanted a little something to make it pop and Dwyn suggested adding the crinkle cut rings from a chain they sell at the store and she was bang on - I really like the finished effect. Plus the photos she took really make the necklace look great, if I do say so myself!!

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