Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Evening Classes

One of the really neat ideas that is apparently new to the Bead and Button show this year is what they call Moonlight Sonata Sessions. Three hour classes offered in the evening, for those us who just can't get enough beading during the day. As they put it, "jewellery first, sleep last."

On Sunday night, after our first full day of class with Susan Lenart Kazmer, Colleen and I took an evening class with Anne Nikolai Kloss making the Rhapsody Bracelet. Doesn't it look pretty in the photo? I can't wait to see this one up close and in person.

Colleen initially thought she'd be in Milwaukee by herself, so she signed up for evening classes for all three nights they're offered. Me, I am trying to pace myself and spare my pocketbook, so I didn't sign up for anything Monday night. On Tuesday night, I'm learning how to make the Marquis Necklace from Rachel Nelson-Smith. She taught this class in February when she was here in Toronto but for some reason I cannot recall, I didn't sign up for it then but I've seen the finished product and I love it, plus I'm really looking forward to hanging out with Rachel again, so this should be a fun class.

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