Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Street Sale

My sister and I spent this beautiful summer morning walking about one of Toronto's lovely neighbourhoods in the St. Clair and Oakwood area, checking out what was on offer at a neighbourhood street sale.

Getting there took me a little longer than planned, as they are currently tearing up St. Clair Avenue West to improve the streetcar tracks. This project has been going on for a few years now as they slowly move west from Yonge Street. Did you know that fire hydrants sit on about 6 feet of big pipe underground? I didn't, until I saw this one today.

It was the perfect morning for walking around. The flowers were in bloom, the sun was shining and several kids had lemonade stands on the go (my sister bought a cup at each one, as we can both remember the thrill of having someone buy a drink from you, although it was watery koolaid back in our day).

These kids were especially creative, all dressed up with a colourful bowtie and wig respectively and singing for their customers (yes, I got their permission and that of their mom to take this photo but then waited until they were looking away to take the shot, to preserve their anonymity).

Found various treasures at the sale, several books, a few CD's, a set of four ceramic cereal bowls that I might use for food or display, a new keyboard (since the letters on mine are starting to wear off and even though I touch type, I still find it annoying) and my best find, a very cool cannister box with containers flour, coffee, tea, sugar and - my personal favourite - cookies! Isn't it neat? It is spotlessly clean on the inside too, complete with a vintage plastic coffee scoop. I think it will be great for holding part of my bead stash. Definitely worth the $10 the vendor charged me for it.

We finished the morning with brunch on the patio under the yellow umbrellas at Boom. If you're in the area, I highly recommend it, the food was delish and the waiters were friendly and cute.

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