Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Transformation in Progress

I'm still trying to process all of the sights I saw and the lessons I learned in Milwaukee. Eight days of beads, glass, metal, fibre and clay, nine different classes and teachers, four days of shopping, all manner of beads, glass, metal, fibre and clay, getting up close and personal with various rock stars of the jewellery making world - it was quite an overwhelming experience, in a good way and definitely an overload of the senses.

In her blog a few days ago, Kate McKinnon described the sensation of feeling completely emptied out as part of a transformation leading to a time when "my world cracks open so I can step out into a bigger a snail between shells." That is a very apt description. It feels like my brain is a very new, blank, wide open canvas and the new ideas haven't yet formed, although there are lots of colours and impressions swirling about. It's like the coffee has started to percolate in the pot but hasn't yet trickled down to start filling the cup.
I'm not sure what the result will be or how it will manifest in my creations, but I'm looking forward to finding out!

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