Monday, June 22, 2009

Carmen Jr.

One of the most entertaining parts of the Bead & Button show took place at the Bead Social on Saturday night. The attendees were treated to the charm, humour, fashion sense and balloon stylings of special guest Carmen Banana.

Carmen's alter ego goes by the name of Donna Penoyer, who is described on her website as a "party catalyst". Can you imagine having a business card that reads "professional stilt walker" - wouldn't that be cool?? She was certainly quite a hit at this function!

The best part, as far as B&B is concerned, is that she is also an accomplished PMC artist and teacher. What a combination!!

The Dixon Chick happened to be wearing one of her crocheted necklaces featuring some lovely plastic fruit beads, which naturally caught the eye of Ms. Banana. The two started chatting, they bonded and next thing you know, Stephanie was honoured to be crowned Carmenita Bonita Florita Constancia Perfecta Banana, a.k.a. Carmen Junior.

I'm not sure how she got her crown home on the airplane or if it survived the bar hopping that I understand took place after the Bead Social but it was a certainly a night to remember for all concerned!


The Dixon Chick said...

plastic??? Psshaw! Those were glass beads my friend!!!! That necklace is now gracing the neck of a lovely lady from Florida, who bought the necklace off my neck!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Sorry, I should have known those beads were too lovely to be plastic, I wasn't thinking!