Monday, May 15, 2017


This collection of items can be found on my balcony:  a skull I brought home from my travels one year, an old wooden window frame with the glass removed (I can't remember where I found it) and a piece of glass that used to hang in the window of the building in which my father's dental practice was located.
The skull reminds me of who I was with on that trip, the adventures we had, the discussions about whether this was a goat or a cow skull, the examination of the teeth.

I love the font on the glass, the effectiveness of the gold and black paint. I wonder who painted those letters and admire their skill.  It reminds me of visits to my dad's office and how this sign complimented the various antique pieces he had in his waiting room.

I wonder about the type of building in which this window frame used to be installed, who looked through the panes and what they might have seen.

I like the way these 3 things go together, the suggestion of days gone by they create both separately and together. I wonder what sort of stories these pieces could tell if they could talk, the people and times they have seen come and go.

Each of these items are a window into the past.

Day 6/30 - #ArtfulAdventures with Nathalie Kalbach
Day 42/100 - #100dayproject


goze said...

Love the window and your story about it.

Nathalie Kalbach said...

I love this!!! The stories all those things could tell!!