Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I am taking part in Nathalie Kalbach's Artful Adventures: Stroll Challenge.  Nat created this 30 day challenge to count down to the release of her new book on June 8th.  You can read more about the challenge in this blog post and hey, why not sign up for the free workshop and play along??

Each day, Nathalie gives us a prompt and we encourage to look around our neighbourhoods for inspiration related to the day's prompt.  For this first day of the challenge, the word is "home".

My idea is to take these prompts and document my daily life as it is for the next 30 days. So to begin with, here is the building I currently call home.  It's spring and the crab apple trees are just starting to blossom.  One of those balconies and some of those windows are mine, although it's funny how hard it is to pick out your own when you looking up, way up!
This rather ugly doorway is the door of my apartment.
It may not look like much but it's what lies behind that door that really means home to me.  It is my refuge, my oasis, filled with my treasures and most importantly, these four fur babies that greet me at the door every time I return.
No matter how long I have been away, whether it's just a few minutes or a few weeks, they always come running to say hello to me.  And no matter how I might be feeling, it always lifts my heart to see them again.
It may not be a fancy place, it may be in need of a fresh coat of paint and some minor repairs but right now, it is home to me.
As much as I enjoy being away, I am just as happy to be at home.

Day 1/30 - #ArtfulAdventures with Nathalie Kalbach
Day 37/100 - #100dayproject


Nathalie Kalbach said...

I love your glimpse into your home. And oohhhh those kitties are definetly home!!!

Sue Sharp said...

Love that you included your cats! I should have done a instead of my garden, because where the cats are, tat for me, is home!

Gunvor said...

love the pictures from your home!

goze said...

Yep, home is where the "babies" are.