Sunday, May 21, 2017


Today's Artful Adventure is all about trash.  In my apartment building, there is a small room on each floor with this sign on the door:
Presumably the hours of operation are posted as a courtesy to those whose units are closest to the disposal room, so it's a little quieter for them. (The outer door is quite heavy and noisy as it closes, as is the chute itself.)  These signs are posted inside the garbage room:
I've never quite figured out who would "wrap" their garbage? 

One opens the door and places the garbage inside the chute.  The picture of the green garbage bag above the opening is somewhat misleading, as it's a smallish opening, no way a big bag would fit in there. (There is an area outside for larger bags and items such as furniture).
Any items for recycling are deposited in containers like these on the main floor.  Our superintendent tells me the building has been fined several times because people put food waste in the recycling bins. Perhaps they don't realize there is a separate bin for compost, which is kept outside due to its tendency to get a little smelly.  But really, people, get your act together!! 
As the bins get filled up, they are placed outside where they sit until garbage day, which is Tuesday in our neighbourhood.

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Nathalie Kalbach said...

looks a lot like our garbage room -we might have even more signs- LOL - more people that do not really know how to treat their trash here - sigh.