Monday, May 1, 2017

A New Month

USo far in 2017, I've been using a traveller's notebook to journal in on a daily basis, one each month. Last month, I ordered this "stationery subscription box" from StationerybyMini on Etsy.

Here's what was included:

A laminated dashboard with a matching bookmark and a journal.
A couple of cute paper clips.
Two rolls of washi tape - one with cherry blossoms, one with a starry night design.
Some cute panda and bunny stickers.
A couple of laminated cards, one with a beautifully lettered quote and one with a monthly calendar.

Also included were a few paper bits and pieces to use to decorate the pages in the notebook (click on the photo at the top of this post to enlarge it, to get a better look at the various pieces).

I've already ordered my kit for June.  I like the idea of getting this sort of package on a monthly basis, while supporting a new Canadian Etsy shop owner.  The cost is quite reasonable - only $14.95 plus $1.00 for shipping (not sure how she can afford to offer such a cheap shipping rate, when the envelope I received had $2.95 worth of postage?!). I also like that I can sign up for one month, two or three, whatever I feel like, so there's no long term commitment involved.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go write today's entry!

Day 28/100 - #100dayproject

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